• I have been Lorenzo’s boss since he started with Atmosphere VFX in September 2014. I found him to be consistently pleasant, tackling all projects with dedication and a smile. Besides being a joy to work with, Lorenzo is a take-charge person who is able to deliver his skills in a professional and timely manner. He is an exceptional team player and has excellent communication skills. I highly recommend Lorenzo for employment. He is a wonderful and talented Editor and would make a great asset to any organization.


  • Lorenzo is a state of the art movie and commercial editor. He has great attention to details and a sensible artistic touch that can improve your film. He is always focused and in a good mood, it was a great pleasure to work with him.


  • Lorenzo is a sensible, very creative and skilled editor. He has great capabilities and can accomplish easily any kind of editing.

    EMANUELA CAVAZZINI – Co founder & managing director at BRAND-CROSS srl

  • Lorenzo is a very talented editor who keeps feet on the ground. Nice plus isn’t it? Straight to the point, he knows which is the goal to achieve…and he always does. He knows well how to combine his creative skills with his technical expertise, which is, by the way, impressive. Lovely person…and that’s cream in my coffe! He has been of great support also in preproduction, being a super trustable source of technical infos also during shooting.

    ALICE CROVATO – Project manager/line producer at FREELANCE

  • Lorenzo non è solo un bravo montatore, è anche una persona affidabile con un carattere ottimo e un bellissimo rapporto prima di tutto con i clienti e le persone con cui deve interagire.


  • Ho avuto modo di lavorare con Lorenzo su diversi progetti, è un professionista capace e scrupoloso in grado di trasmettere il giusto mood al team di lavoro. Sa sempre come cogliere ed interpretare le richieste del cliente trasportandole in video. Senza dubbio un ottimo editor e collaboratore.

    MATTIA PALOMBA – Co owner/senior compositor at DRAKOS MEDIA

  • Lorenzo è un ottimo professionista. Lavora in totale autonomia, capace, preparato, molto attento e soprattutto un ottimo carattere. E’ un piacere lavorare con lui. Ha una sensibilità tecnica molto pronunciata. E’ una presenza compatta! Davvero bravo.

    MAURIZIO MENDUNI, executive producer at ANTEPRIMA VIDEO

  • Lorenzo is an excellent film-editor. Working with him makes everything very simple and smooth as he understands perfectly clients’ needs and responds promptly to their requests.
As a producer in charge of a complex film project, I would hope to have somebody like Lorenzo in my team.


  • I had the pleasure to work with Lorenzo for multiple live action and animation projects.
Lorenzo had great I/O end editing skills and played a key role in keeping all of our visual effects shots up to date while meeting delivery deadlines.Lorenzo is an excellent editor to work with, a great team player and would be a valuable asset to any company.

    MARCO CANTALUPPI , senior compositor at DIGITAL DOMAIN

  • Lorenzo è un ottimo editor, molto preparato tecnicamente e sempre attento alle nuove tecnologie e ad i nuovi software.
Sicuramente un collaboratore molto affidabile.

    GIANLUCA CAMERA , producer at YOU_ARE

  • Lorenzo is a great professional and very knowledgeable about the various softwares. Reliable and responsive to customer needs. Good collaboration and enjoyable time together.

    GIANNI BARDELLI , art director at RSI

  • Lorenzo is a good editor and data manager, specialised in Final Cut Pro. Always in a good mood and focused, it’s a pleasure to work with.

    NICCOLO BARBERO , senior compositor at FREELANCE

  • Lorenzo is a very pleasing person, fast and competent in his job. He is friendly and professional at the same time. It was a pleasure to work with him.

    GIORGIA MEACCI , senior colorist at FREELANCE

  • I had work with him on a Tv music magazine for Raidue in the 2008, he was responsable of the video editing but he was also coming with me on the productions filming and managing interviews with musicians around Italy and Germany. I consider him one of my best reference for video editing jobs, is great with final cut and can deliver products of very high quality for tv.


  • Per la realizzazione di un video promozionale Carrier, Lorenzo è stato di grande aiuto. Preciso e affidabile ha realizzato l’introduzione animata in motion graphics di grande impatto e qualità.